Bartholomew Drake

Pocket Book (6x4)

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A little duck with a limb difference. Hazardous litter and new friendships.

Bartholomew Drake is different but that does not stop him from enjoying life to its fullest. However, everything comes at a price.

Find out about Bart’s life on the lake and his friendship with 'Calvin the Swan Prince'

This second book in the ‘Calvin the Swan’ series is a story in verse. It introduces children to 'Bartholomew Drake'. We will follow this brave little duck as he overcomes his limb difference and stands up to the bullies.

Bart soon encounters Calvin and they become fast friends, living life to the max and sometimes taking risks that come with a price.

**Inspired by the true story of ‘Waddles the Duck’ and his prosthetic leg.

Tiny pocket book aimed at 6 - 12 years (70 pages, postcard size 6x4in)