Calvin The Swan Prince

Pocket Book (6x4)

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A cheeky swan, new experiences and unlikely friendships.

We all know the story of the Ugly Duckling. Well, that was not Calvin. This tiny cygnet is anything but ordinary. He is brave, adventurous and determined. This first book in the ‘Calvin the Swan’ series will introduce children to the 'Swan Prince'. We will follow this baby bird on his journey of exploration, making new friends, learning about the home he lives in and having lots of new experiences.

Calvin has a loving family and his father the King is the perfect role model, who rules over their home with a gentle wing.

Inspired by the true events of an unlikely friendship between a juvenile swan and a long-legged human.

Tiny pocket book aimed at 6 - 12 years (70 pages, postcard size 6x4in)