#RubyTubeDay 'Introducing Young Ebenezer'

Published on 29 November 2023 at 00:02


This story is a seasonal treat, a modern, lyrical re-telling of the Charles Dickens classic - ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The book is specially designed for families to share during the Holiday Season, or for young competent readers to try for themselves. This is a beautiful Book to treasure, with full colour images on every page.

Eb is a spoilt child who really is not one for caring, and he certainly hates sharing. He is watched over by a very special guardian – the family’s ancient longcase clock, who is bestowed with magic. His name is Grandfather Time.

On Christmas Eve Grandfather Time decides he must teach the boy a lesson. So he calls upon his friends; the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future and with lessons to learn he brings forth the first tutor – a little golden-red King Charles spaniel, called Miss Ruby Heart.

Will this unlikely pair be able to teach the boy the error of his ways? Or will he be doomed to be a scruffy, lonely teenager stuck forever in his own little world?


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